The G-890 Truck,Kaiser Jeep M715, sometimes called the "Five quarter (ton)", for its 1 1/4 ton payload rating, is an American light military truck, based on the civilian Jeep Gladiator. 

Design and development for the M715 began in 1965, intended to replace the Dodge M37. In a departure from its purpose-built predecessor, the M715 was the first "M"-series U.S. tactical vehicle to use primarily commercial components; the first in a series of militarized commercial off the shelf (COTS) vehicle procurement. 

  • Production: 30,500 - 33,000 (1967-1969)
  • Assembly: Toledo, Ohio
  • Engine: 230 cu in (3.8L) Tornado I6
  • Transmission: Warner T-98 4-Speed manual
  • Length: 209.75 inches
  • Width: 85 inches
  • Height: At bed (with cargo cover installed) 87.7 inches
  • Successor: Dodge M-880 series


The overhead-cam six-cylinder engines were not very reliable due to lack of knowledge on the overhead cam design and lack of maintenance. They had been dropped from civilian models by 1968. 

The M715 series also suffered from excessive oil consumption. The M715 vehicles that had front winches were dangerous in rough cross country use because the winch drive shaft would sometimes separate from the winch, the shaft would then foul the truck's steering, causing loss of control.