Legendary 1941: Search response team

Search Response Team

What is Legendary 1941: SRT?  It is the power of the Jeep community and the legendary capabilities of the Jeep coming together to help communities in need.  We are partnering with law enforcement and first responder agencies to mobilize quickly and assist as needed when the call comes.

 Why is this important?  When our local agencies just don't have the resources or time to put a proper search together or the search requires off-road vehicles; Legendary 1941: SRT can organize quickly and provide assistance. 

Example:  Most recently in Moulton, Alabama we came together to search for a woman that was missing for 25 days.  We found her in one hour in the Bankhead National Forest.  Again, the power of the Jeep community coming together to help those in need.  


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Legendary1941: Search Response Team