Although introduced in 1986 (under control of Renault), and by 1987 (the first model year) under new ownership of Chrysler, the first-generation Wrangler had still been developed by American Motors Corporation. It featured square headlamps, differing from the round ones on its predecessors, the CJ Jeeps.

Although continuing many essentials, such as an open body on a separate frame, with the same wheelbase, part-time 4WD and live rigid axles on leaf-springs, both front and rear, just like the CJ-7 – it was a significantly new design with a wider track, slightly less ground clearance, more comfort and improved safety and handling.  

  • Production: March 1986 - December 1995 
  • Length: 152.6 inches (86-89), 153 inches (89-92), 151.9 inches (92-95)
  • Width: 66 inches
  • Height: 71.9 inches (93-95), 72 inches (soft-top) (86-92), 69.6 inches (hard-top) (86-92)
  • Curb Weight: 2,855 - 3,241 pounds
  • Successor: Jeep Wrangler TJ


Israeli military carmaker Automotive Industries Ltd. introduced its first generation of the AIL Storm, the workhorse off-road vehicle of the Israeli Security Forces, as a variant of the 1991 Wrangler YJ, but on the 103.5 in (263 cm) CJ-6 / CJ-8 wheelbase. AIL builds the whole vehicles themselves, save for various externally sourced engines. Long and short wheelbase versions were also available for civilian purchase.

Aside from this, there was a Jeep-managed production line in Egypt, whose jeeps are used by the Egyptian armed forces – but this was absorbed into the AIL Storm production after it closed in 1995